3, 2-Ingredient Blended “Juice” Recipes That Will Rock Your World


I feel as if I confuse my friends every time I tell them I am drinking juice…that came out of a blender (This conversation surprisingly happens a lot more than it should, so I am explaining now…).  The thing is, my sister owns an ahhh-mazing juice company and I love all of her creations, but I don’t have access to her and said creations 24/7 (I wish!), so I make my own versions at home.  I do also have a juicer, but honestly, I am lazy about lugging it out and cleaning it – especially the ‘cleaning it’ part.  So, I blend things into a juice-like consistency.  This approach works for me because I find it much easier to sip on fruits and vegetables in non-smoothie/slushy form and still get all of the fiber which keeps me feeling fuller, longer (An especially important fact, because I was more or less born hungry!).

I should also mention that I own a Vitamix, and while I 100% understand the shock that may ensue once you see its price tag, I can confidently say that it is hands-down the best kitchen investment I have ever made.  The Vita can blend, chop, or dice anything and everything into a creamy, smooth, consistency, and will even heat your food for you if so desired; a very handy capability if you want to keep it “Raw” but are still craving something warm.  I love this appliance so much that I even packed it in my suitcase [as opposed to sending it to storage] when I moved from CA to NY.  It has made a huge impact in my diet in general, and definitely makes my “juice” a little bit juicier { .. end sales pitch .. }.

All of that being said, you do not need a fancy blender to whip up one of these recipes (I feel so lame even calling them that, with 2 ingredients and all!) on your own.  These drinks are what I reach for when I want something healthy, and super easy to make.  They literally rock my world because I almost always have the items I need on hand, and they not only stave off my perpetual hunger pangs but taste like sweet treats as well.  I like blending batches ahead of time and storing them in the refrigerator; they’re best consumed sooner rather than later, but will last for 2-3 days (The watermelon tends to oxidize faster than the other 2, so drink that one first!).  As an additional FYI, I was very eager to photograph these [so I could slurp them down after] so the ‘juices’ still have blender foam at the top.  When you are making and storing these on the real, let the foam settle and give them a good stir before drinking.  Then, rock on with your healthful, blender-juice-making self : )





I find that in some cases, you may not even need to add water – especially with the watermelon – depending on the ripeness of the fruit, so I tend to blend, sample, and pour some in if need be.  You might also want to consider adding about 1 tablespoon of honey to each blend if your fruit is lacking natural sweetness.  The proportions below will make roughly 2 large [pint-ish] glasses.  All you have to do is blend!

WATERMELON:  I often drink this pre/post-workout for the hydration benefits.

1/2 Small Seedless Watermelon, Chopped + 1 Lemon Juiced (+ 1/4 Cup of Water, if Needed)

PINEAPPLE:  This is particularly great to have in the morning, as the shot of vinegar will rev up your metabolism, and give you an early energy boost to boot!

1/2 Pineapple, Chopped (I leave the core in.) + 1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar + 1 Cup Water or Coconut Water

CANTALOUPE:  Rose water is a natural mood enhancer, so I prefer to sip on this one in the late afternoon/early evening.  Fun fact: I made a version of this for my first ever post!

1/2 Cantaloupe, Seeded + Chopped + 1 Teaspoon Rose Water (Make sure you use ‘Food Grade’!) + 1/2 Cup Water

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  1. Jen Davis says:

    These sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Pamela Fuentes says:

    They all sound good and some are similar to what I am already doing. Thank you for sharing.

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