All-Natural Skincare Routine + DIY Rose Water Toner


Over the years I’ve spent a small fortune on skincare products, ranging from popular drugstore brands to high-end spa recommendations.  While I don’t have categorically “bad” skin, I wasn’t exactly born with a J-Lo glow either.  I’ve embraced the term ‘all-natural’ as it applies to other areas of my life (namely food), and found that its effect has trickled into my beauty routine too – and my face looks all the better for it!  In the last six months I’ve experimented with several regiments, but am loving my current combination:

  • Raw Honey & Baking Soda as Face Wash ~ I mix approximately 1/2 Tablespoon Raw Honey with 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda, in the palm of my hand, warming it as I go.  I then massage the mixture onto my face and rinse with warm water.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar or this as Toner
  • Sweet Almond Oil as Moisturizer

My skin is smooth, and I am happy to leave all of the toxic chemicals behind.  Below, I’ve listed the benefits of each ingredient I use, as well as included a step-by-step DIY for Rose Water Toner.  The Rose Water is especially nice to have on hand as a refreshing mist, or frozen.  I love to swipe an icy cube of it over my face after a sweaty run.


Raw Honey:  Moisturizing, Gentle (suitable for all skin types)

Baking Soda:  Exfoliating, Soothing (especially with a sunburn!)

Apple Cider Vinegar:  Astringent, PH Balancing

Tea Tree Oil (Spot Treatment):  Anti-Fungal/Anti-Viral, Drying

Sweet Almond Oil:  Softening, Sun Protector

Rose Water:  Anti-Inflammatory, Mood-Enhancing


DIY Rose Water Toner


1.  I picked 10 roses from around our yard.  Looks don’t matter here, so I clipped the flowers that were starting to wilt and/or had browning petals.  If you buy your roses, you might want to ask if the merchant has any they are ready to throw away (I know my local grocery store makes a discard pile every night), as they will often sell them at a discounted price – or even give them to you for free (Score!).  I chose to use yellow roses simply because they’re my favorite, but red or pink would also be perfect.


2.  This step is important, as evidenced above!  I give my roses a good rinse before and after I pluck them.


3.  Remove all of the petals from their stems, and rinse once more.


4.  Place the petals in a shallow pan and add just enough water to cover them.  I used approximately 3 cups.


5.  Over medium heat, simmer the petals with the lid on for 15-20 minutes.  If you’re using red or pink roses, you’ll notice that the petals will start to lose their color.  This is less noticeable with the yellow, but your simmered water should have a golden tint and strong rose scent.


6.  Allow the rose water to cool.  Strain the cooled mixture and discard the petals.  Pour the liquid into ice cube trays or a spray bottle.  Freeze, if desired.

~ Kept in the refrigerator, the mist will last for up to 2 weeks.


7.  Enjoy on a warm day!

24 Responses to All-Natural Skincare Routine + DIY Rose Water Toner

  1. Chef Ashley says:

    I absolutely love this idea. I have been finding that like you, we are all seeing the benefits of removing harsh chemicals from every facet of our lives.
    I have noticed however; that the items being sold even by small companies are grossly expensive as the trend grows….really?? Which just perpetuates the problem.
    Kuddos to you for sharing this wonderful home made recipe. I will incorporate this into my arsenal of other home made applications of natural beauty.
    * Just a tip- Organic Coconut Oil is a fantastic cleanser. I been using it for three months now (no water needed, except for rinsing once massaged over skin) and its awesome!

    • jjbegonia says:

      Thank You, Ashley! Using Coconut Oil as cleanser is a great tip – I certainly consume enough of it : )

  2. I really really want to try this out, I’ve an aunt that love natural beauty tips like this and the beautiful thing about this is that it does not have a side effect.

  3. Melanee says:

    Will definitely be trying this since my roses have started blooming. Thanks so much.

  4. ohlidia says:

    I LOVE it! Thanks for the fantastic tips!!

  5. toniegirl says:

    I can’t wait to try making my very own rose water! Thanks for the tips on all the above natural beauty products.

  6. I think this sounds a lovely thing for my skin, it needs some tlc and a perfect Saturday night thing to do…relaxing:)

  7. Wendy says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog–love your blog, and especially this post. I’m all for as natural as I can get, although it definitely is a process! Just like with diet, so much easier to grab from a store, but the price our poor bodies pay! Love your photos, too!

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  9. My skin is sensitive so I prefer to use natural products. I am going to make some rose water tonic and refrigerate it so I can spray the mist on my face…especially on warm days after a workout. Thank you for the clear instructions and great photos to go along with them.
    I appreciate you viewing my photo blog “We All Scream for Ice Scream”. I’m glad you liked it.
    Please visit again soon!

  10. Michelle Springs says:

    Do you do the honey wash only at night? If so, what do you do in the morning? Just water?

    • jjbegonia says:

      Hi Michelle! Thank You for stopping by! I currently use raw honey both morning and night – and usually add the baking soda a couple of times per week depending on how much dryness I have. I hope that helps!

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