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Roasted Strawberry Mint Smoothie + Well Scent


Can I please tell you all how much fun I had creating this post?  It combines two of my favorite subjects to blather on about…food (of course) and natural beauty products.  When those products are related to keeping your teeth so fresh and so clean, well then…

If you have been following along here, you may know that I am a bit (Okay, majorly…) crazy about keeping my pearly whites just that.  I even used that exact phrase in a previous installment regarding DIY toothpaste because that concept is playing in an endless loop in my head, apparently.  I am going to stop for a second and also tell you that I updated that post this week because it gets a lot of love and the original had two blurred, yellowed photos in it that were embarrassing me almost as much as the unfortunate fonts I included on top of them.  I think the whole thing looks much prettier, it now provides answers to some of your frequently asked questions, and reflects a product line that I love.  Please take a look if you feel so inclined!


Well Scent is a holistic apothecary that produces organic wildcrafted essential oils as well as a line of dental care.  I wanted to share this company with you as I find it so rare to come across a natural product/s that I like as much as (or even more than) something that my DIY-loving-self can simply whip up.  Watch Your Mouth has become my go-to travel toothpaste (Trust me when I tell you that TSA approves of this much more readily than they do my small jars of homemade concoctions.  Let’s just say that I’ve been stopped at a security checkpoint more than once!), mouthwash replacement, and breath freshener in a pinch.  The flavor is phenomenal – I would liken it to an extra woodsy cinnamon taste – a little of it goes a long way, and the bottle is tiny enough to fit into even my most compact clutch.  I call that a win on all fronts!  I’ve been using WYM in tandem with Shine, a mineral rich tooth brightener that boasts antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Beach Bag Essentials


It feels like time for a Beauty post, yes?  The sun is shining, Memorial Day has passed into June, and we can officially hit the beach!  These are the items I relied upon while I was in Florida this Winter, and that I plan on packing in my bag this Summer.  If nothing else then, this is an excuse for me to talk about a few of the girly things I love, and show you a peaceful early-morning photo of the ocean, which I think we can all use on a Monday.  #PositiveVibes.  : )

I should also mention that I stock my bag with versatility in mind; meaning that since my family in particular often rolls straight from the boat, to the beach, to a bar, to lunch/dinner, and possibly back on a boat again (or some combination thereof), I do include a few cosmetics/hair savers.  You can never be too prepared with this crew!


5 Skin-Saving Beauty Products to Get You Through the Winter


We have been very fortunate so far this year where Old Man Winter is concerned; not too much snow and no major storms to speak of.  It has been cold though!  Bone-chillingly so, at times.  The heat in my house is currently cranked on full blast – and I am wearing 3 shirts, but that is neither here, nor there : )  The point I am getting at essentially, is that even on the mildest days, all of the dry heat, combined with the various conditions outside, can really wreak havoc on your skin.  These are a few of the products I swear by from December through March {Or more likely, April, in Upstate NY ; )} to keep mine in line ♥: