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Roasted Beet, Apple and Strawberry Smoothie


This smoothie could alternately be called “what to drink when the seasons are confused”.  I know how banal it is to blather on about the weather but the reality is that it does have a tremendous impact on what I do here, whether it be in the food I am able to purchase at the market, or the dishes that I am craving and want to showcase on the blog.  As a result, all of that has been a mixed bag lately.

In our little section of Upstate NY, we’ve gone from having snow on the ground (Yes, SNOW in late May of all times.) to temperatures soaring into the 90s, within a matter of days.  The ebbs and flows have reeked havoc on my gardens.  Both the peonies and the strawberries are late this year, and herbs like basil and mint are wilting, while the heartier “winter” plants are for the most part, chugging right along.

I find myself alternately searching for summer fruit (ripe red berries, squishy juicy peaches) and creating comforting, warming, recipes like the salad you see below (a mix of wilted chard greens, roasted beets, and a locally made ashy cheese).  This smoothie is something like that.  It’s a blend of earthy, sweet, and spicy all in one.  In New York State apple cider is typically available year-round (For my local friends, I bought a half-gallon at Wegmans and it tasted just as good as it is in September!), but if you can’t find it where you are a good quality apple juice will work just as well.

I like this smoothie so much that I think I’ll still be making it when (If?) the weather does eventually even out – and I hope that you’ll love it too!






Tropical Acai Bowls + My Daily Dose of Superfoods

Thank You so much to OLLY for sponsoring this post!  As always, all opinions are my own.



Do you want to know something funny?  When my sister, cousins, and I were kids, and we would go to visit my Grandma, she would give us vitamins like “treats”.  She stored them above the refrigerator and would dole them out to us accordingly.  The fact that they were placed out of our reach, and that we had to ask for them was probably a very smart bit of reverse psychology on my Grandma’s part, but it always made taking a vitamin seem special.  I remember getting overly excited about vitamin C tablets in particular – and one of my cousins incessantly begging for them.  Weird, but true.

I am glad that my Grandma worked that bit of voodoo magic on us though because it was one of the many things she did to instill healthy habits in us at an early age.  Now, I have to start the day with a vitamin, and the one I like best lately is OLLY Super Foods Multi.  I take it with my morning juice, and 2 collagen supplements.  I should also mention at this point that I think these vitamins taste really good, and I kind of want to pop them like candy!  : )



As you know, I love to “eat the rainbow” (I mean, look at all of the gorgeous colors below!), but I also love to eat cookies, pasta, and have a cocktail or two, here and there.  I am all about balance, and OLLY products are an excellent way to help me maintain that.  With one Super Foods Multi, you get the antioxidant equivalent of an entire plate of fruits and veggies, in the form of ten superstar ingredients including elderberry (Side note: elderberry is so helpful in staving off a cold!) watercress, wheatgrass, and tamarind.  I don’t know about you, but as much as I might like to include some of those foods in my daily diet, that isn’t realistic for me (Although, my sister has been snacking on sweet tamarind a lot lately, and she tells me that it tastes just like “fresh plum jam”.  Ha.  My Grandma would be proud!).

One of those Super Foods that I have been eating a lot of recently, however, is acai.  There is a stand at the local Farmers’ Market that sells overflowing bowls, and every Saturday I watch as the line snakes through the rest of the vendors.  I am not the most patient person in the world, so rather than join the crowd, I started making my own version at home.  This one has a tropical flare to it with pineapple and coconut milk blended in, but feel free to go wild with your own combinations.

You can purchase the OLLY Super Foods line (with options for Men and Kids) at Target stores, or via  Use code SUPER20 for 20% off your first subscription!





Love is Kale + My Morning Routine

Thank You so much to Naked Juice for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.



My love for kale has been well documented on this blog (See here, here and here for examples!).  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that a bundle of kale is the one constant in my grocery bag, and it’s the one vegetable that I consume every day in some way, shape or form without fail.  Given that and the fact that February is the month of L.O.V.E., it seemed fitting to team up with Naked Juice and KALE (!) to show you how Kale Blazer and I are essentially a match made in heaven.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Kale is delicious.  Duh.  (In both this drink, and in the recipe I am sharing below!)
  2. I’ve been adding a lot of backbends and heart openers to my yoga practice.  It’s fair to say that my heart chakra has been closed off for a bit.  While this is a topic for a much longer post – if you are interested in that sort of thing too – green is the color associated with said chakra.  A few of the ways to help open it up then, are to be green (spend time in nature), see green (visualize soft green light), and to eat green (kale, kale, and more kale – or any other leafy green vegetables).
  3. Where work is concerned, I am busier than I’ve ever been.  I am so happy about that and thrive on the go, go, go, but I sometimes need my juice to go with me (Enter: Kale Blazer).  While I love it any time of the day, it fits especially well into my morning routine.  A little more about that below: