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Blueberry Chai Cream Cocktail

Thank You so much to the US Highbush Blueberry Council for sponsoring this post!  As always, all opinions are my own.



Thanksgiving could not have come around at a more perfect time.  The earlier portion of this week required an extreme amount of grace.

Grace and cocktails.

There were little annoyances that led to bigger frustrations.  Two feet of snow, a power outage, a memory card erased with one fell swoop, and a complete and total computer crash, to mention a few.  Technology has not been my friend.

I witnessed a fight over the last bag of pre-cut green beans in the grocery store (true story), and waited in more lines than I can count.  Local shelves were largely empty by Tuesday afternoon and some of the ingredients I thought I “needed” for our feast were not available.  No big deal.

These are just small pieces of “life happening”, as my Mom would tell me.  I recognize that when it all comes down to it, none of this matters much, but of the hundreds of things that I felt deeply grateful for yesterday (and always), one of them was a cause to pause and slow down.  I want to remember to do that more of that this season.




Rose and Saffron Golden Milk Latte + a Giveaway


In my next life – or if I can find some extra time in this one, I suppose – I want to be a flower farmer.  If you are on Instagram, then chances are that at some point this summer you saw this image come across your feed.  I think it must have been shared 100s of times (I even saw Britney Spears repost it…and yes, I do follow and love Britney!), and rightly so because Erin and her farm are 100% dripping-in-beauty, flower farming #goals.

Because I wanted to have a piece of Floret at home, I bought a few of their bulbs to put in my own garden.  This is a classic case of when one thing leads to another, but soon I started buying a lot of bulbs, more seeds, and eventually had two small – but mighty, thanks to my overcrowding them – gardens.  I am also generally of the opinion that you can never have too many flowers however, so take that for what it’s worth.

I’ve been reading books like Roses Love Garlic and A Wilder Life; both of which I highly recommend, especially the latter if you are into nature, or are just looking for ideas on how to bring the outdoors in.  As I sit at my desk and watch the rain slam my window (for the fourth morning in a row now, might I add), I’m finding some of these ideas especially helpful.  I have herbs and the last of my lavender plants and roses drying on the sill, to be made into tinctures and added to various drinks like this version of golden milk.  I truly love this kind of thing.  It’s the point at which my hobbies intersect; playing in the dirt, learning about flowers, and experimenting in the kitchen.  It’s very cool.  To me, at least.  Ha.

You know what is genuinely very cool though?  My friends at Andalou Naturals have been busy celebrating NON-GMO Month and would like to give FIVE of you $100 worth of 1000 Roses products!  As you might know, Andalou is the first and only beauty brand to receive 100% Non-GMO project verification.  You can read more about how much I adore their products here.  What better way to cap off October than to infuse your beauty routine with some rosy goodness, right?  Entry is simple, and you can find all of the details below.  I will notify the winners on Tuesday, November 1st.  Good luck!

PS – I’ve had some trouble getting emails out to subscribers within the last several weeks (Argh!), so if you are interested, there are a few new posts on the blog!







Ginger Basil Martini, Charleston, and Blog Updates


One of the most fun aspects of having a (mostly) food blog is that people inevitably want to share their recipes with me.  I’ve been entrusted with old worn index cards (my personal favorite), forwarded links to anywhere and everywhere, and even jotted down ingredient lists and directions while chatting with strangers.  All of these scenarios make my heart happy.

This cocktail is actually a hand-me-down of sorts too.  It comes to us all the way from Grand Cayman, via my Aunt Linda who got it from Ziggy, the bartender at Rum Point.  As I am told, Aunt Linda chopped a handful of fresh basil from her garden, which she later brought to Ziggy so that he could whip up a batch of his “famous” ginger basil martinis for her and my parents who were visiting from New York.  Somewhere between the first drink and a few too many she wrangled this recipe out of him.  It came back to me with a note that said “make for blog”.  I so appreciate that my Aunt Linda had the gumption to ask for it, and that she knew I would love it and want to share it; she’s good like that.

Believe it or not that happened nearly two years ago, and I’ve been keeping this drink in my back pocket ever since.  You might have guessed that there are other things I’ve been keeping from you.  It was a quiet summer on the blog for a few reasons.  The first being that my long-talked-about redesign is finally happening!  I am not entirely certain as to a launch date yet, but what I do know is that the site will have a much cleaner look overall, be easier to navigate, and include a recipe index.

I traveled a lot over the last couple of months.  I took several road trips to pretty little corners of Upstate New York and parts of New England that I hadn’t yet seen.  There was a trip to Charleston as well.  I went before Hurricane Matthew hit, and am sending lots of love and light there and to the other areas affected as they continue to clean up.  If anything, I hope these photos will serve as another reminder to visit that truly beautiful city at some point.

So as not to inundate you with all of the shots I took, I am going to update my original Charleston city guide with new photos and what we ate this time, where we stayed, etc.  Spoiler alert: we loved the Peanut Butter & Jelly beer at Edmund’s Oast (I had my doubts about this, but the PB smell alone was enough to reel me in!), I’m still thinking about our incredible meal at 167 Raw, and Planters Inn will forever have my old-school-vintage-loving heart.

This post is a mashup then of what’s been happening and what’s to come.  I should also mention that I’ll be heading to Grand Cayman myself for New Year’s Eve, so hopefully I (or my Aunt Linda) can pry another stellar cocktail recipe out of Ziggy; more adventures and more fun drinks always.  In the meantime, some things may be shifting around here until I can get the redesign fully hashed out, but I intend to keep on posting.  I have a backlog of recipes that I want to share and have so missed being able to connect with all of you.

In that spirit, cheers to a new season, new content, and lots of new beginnings!