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How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing: Spring Edition


I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend, and that all of the Mamas out there were spoiled lavishly!

I am going to keep this short and sweet today, as this post is essentially a spring-ified seasonal variation on one of my winter favorites.  I love doing things like this because not only are they cost effective to execute (I essentially foraged in and around my house for anything and everything that smelled good, and threw it in the pot!), but are all natural, too!  Plus, they look pretty on the stove.  : )  I went for a blend of eucalyptus leaves, fresh herbs, lemons, and a few leftover lavender buds from my previous post – but you can really take this idea in any direction that you want.  Please let me know if you come up with any combinations that I should try!



Happy Earth Day ♥


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the Naples Botanical Garden – and in short – was in my version of heaven; sunshine, flowers, puppies (Dogs are allowed!), and photo ops around every corner!  The only thing that could have made my experience better would have been if I had made it to the Sunday yoga class that they host in the Caribbean Garden (I will on my next visit, for sure!).  : )

The property is divided into 6 sections with a rotating special exhibit.  You can currently see life-like dinosaurs “roaming” around, which is why T-Rex himself made an appearance in this post.  My favorite space, however, was the Children’s Garden.  I spared you the photos of me climbing into what was essentially a pink and purple doll house (!), but I loved all of the interactive learning stations, especially the “hidden” space above, which looked like a junkyard at the outset, but was really one big lesson in reduce, reuse, recycle.  It was so neat!

I have been wanting to upload these photos for a while now, and thought what better time to do it than Earth Day?  After all, the garden exemplifies the natural beauty the world has to offer, and is certainly an exercise in human beings taking care of – and treasuring – that. ♥

Have a beautiful day, my friends!  XX





Simple but Significant


You know how there are days when nothing extraordinary happens, yet they are somehow just super great?  I had one of those today (Or I suppose yesterday, as you read this.).

Sneaks woke me up right before sunrise with one of his full-on kiss attacks (Happiness. ♥ ).  I was able to practice yoga, jam out a few emails and finish a writing project I am working on for another site.  I spent some time with my Mom and sister.  My sister is helping me plant my garden this year, so we worked on that – and it was warm enough to wear sandals outside, which is kind of a big deal considering it was snowing last week.  We did a bit of shopping, bought too much at Target – like always : ) –  and stopped at Wegmans (One of my favorite places on Earth!  Ha!), and all of the produce was so fresh and Spring-like that it made me VERY excited to get to creating new recipes.  I had no intention of shooting this, but the lettuce and Ranunculus were so pretty that I went for it.  It’s kind of the best thing ever, when the stars align and I feel randomly inspired like that!

As for the recipe (It seems ridiculous to even call it that…I mean, it’s lettuce and a 5-ingredient dressing to go with it…), I decided to try adding coffee to my vinaigrette after seeing this published in a recent issue of Bon Appétit.  Instead of the espresso granules they used there, I used some plain old leftover brew.  A little bit of cumin, a pinch of cinnamon, a splash of vinegar, and some olive oil, all made for serious flavor. 

It was simple, but significant.  Just like my day.  : )