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Fuzzy Popover Scarf $12 || Twist Square Sunglasses $14.70

“Cozy” is definitely one of my buzzwords.  I like anything that promises to be just that, especially when it comes to my clothes.  If it feels soft to the touch, looks like it will keep me warm, or is just generally snuggle-worthy, you can rest assured that I will buy it.

This past weekend, I did some shopping in-between running errands.  I am heading to Florida next week to spend time with my family – I am not sure how long I am going to stay there for because that’s how we’re going to roll in 2016; whatever happens, happens – but I have a lot of work and a little bit of packing to get done before then.

My Saturday looked something like this: Target, grocery store, Target again (Got waylaid by all of the cute Valentine items on my first trip, and basically forgot everything! #always), post office, Vet (to pick up Sneaks’ travel documents), LOFT, takeout, work, football (YES!  PATS!), more work.  Phew!

My visit to LOFT is actually what I wanted to share with you, as they are having a fantastic sale right now, with 40% off of most of their new arrivals, and an additional 60% off of sale items.  The entire store essentially fits into my cozy criteria (See: scarf above.), and I particularly like their Lou & Grey line, which for reference can be purchased via LOFT, or via their own larger site, here.  I am wearing this hoodie right now, and am pretty excited to eventually wear this dress; both items are super comfortable, under $30, and can be worn casual or fancied up.

I figured that some of you may be off from work today, snowed in, or planning on watching The Bachelor with a glass of wine tonight (Me on the last two counts!  Guilty pleasures.  : )) – all great excuses to do a bit of online shopping while you are at it!  The rest of my picks are below!


PS – As someone who likes to check their horoscope everyday, I really dig this.  : )



1. Chambray Palette Shirt || 2. Sweater Tunic || 3. Signaturesoft Maxi Dress || 4. Flecked Sweatshirt Dress || 5. Quilted Jacket || 6. Essential Leggings || 7. Loopy Sweater


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I absolutely love the new line of clothing at the Loft and since it is currently raining where I live, this is an opportunity to purchase some new duds! The sweater tunic will be a great addition to my wardrobe! I love this post- – –

  2. I love feeling cozy and having even more reason to snuggle that little bug of yours! We are excited to squeeze you both soon… and in the meantime, will be heading over to the Loft for a few extra comforts! xo

  3. C says:

    great post! Everyday wear is my favourite – C

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