Homemade Eyeliner in 3 Colors


Remember when I said I hadn’t figured out how to mix up my own makeup yet?  Well, now I am trying!  I think I am going to leave the concealers, powders, and such to the pros, but this eyeliner DIY is fun way to make a natural product at home – and it only requires 3 ingredients!

I had hoped to post this a while ago, however after experimenting with several recipes, nothing was really working.  A few used plain old coconut oil (I love my coconut oil, but not so much here.) as the base, but that bled way too much (Raccoon eyes are not adorable!) and the consistency is literally too inconsistent on its own.  I then mixed it with aloe vera gel, which I liked, but the proportions were off and the batch was way too big.  In the warmer months especially, I am more of a bare-skin, glossy lips, and flirty lashes kind-of-girl, so I couldn’t see how I was going to use a big jar of this stuff.  Plus, as with most homemade products, I would recommend a shelf-life of two weeks or less – and who could possibly wear that much eyeliner in that time!?!  Once I had finally settled on the right ratio, I thought it would be cool to use an actual aloe leaf.  Don’t do that.  It was way more trouble than it was worth (~ Although pretty for photo purposes!) and the texture was all off; it required a lot of blending and pulverizing that is totally unnecessary!  Do yourself a favor and purchase a pure gel version like this one.


Phew!  After all of that, I played with a few color combinations.  Black is the most common, and by far the easiest to make using activated charcoal (You can buy it in powdered form, or break a capsule.).  The charcoal blends easily and a little of it goes a long way.  I have greenish eyes, so I will sometimes use a liner with green in it to pull the color out.  My favorite store-bought pencil has a green tint with gold flecks throughout, so that’s what I tried to mimic here using Spirulina Powderand nail glitter.  If you’re not familiar with Spirulina, it’s a natural algae that is ridiculously high in iron content, protein and nutrients (It’s great to add to smoothies!), that works as a dye alternative too!  The last shade I made was a purple-blue – which admittedly needs to be darker – from dried butterfly pea flowers (Totally random, I know).  These flowers are actually a super fun party trick – of the tea party variety, I suppose – because they will literally turn hot water a vibrant bright blue.  Even though I would prefer the eyeliner to have more of a navy-like hue, this has actually worked well as a soft, pretty, highlighting shade.  Sometimes accidents turn into the best surprises!






Homemade Eyeliner in 3 Colors
Prep time
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Recipe type: Beauty
Serves: 1
  1. Allow the coconut oil to come to room temperature (or melt slightly), so that it will easily mix with aloe vera gel. Combine the two.
  2. Add desired colored powder.
  3. For the pea flowers, crush using a spice grinder before mixing. Strain the finished mix through a nut milk bag or fine sieve to remove any particles.
  4. Store in a small tin (I use old lip gloss tins!) in a cool, dark, place for up to 2 weeks.
As with any homemade product, be sure to test a small amount of eyeliner on your skin before using!


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  1. kelseyhertel says:

    I’m going to try making this as soon as I get home from South America! Looks awesome. Seriously love your pictures.

    • jjbegonia says:

      Thank You, Kelsey! I love your conditioner post – I am definitely going to try that too : )

  2. toniegirl says:

    I have never thought to make my own eyeliner. Amazing!

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