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Happy New Year, Chasing Light, and the Best Roast Chicken


Happiest 2016 to all of you!  This post is first and foremost a wish for that, but also a mishmash of recent happenings and things to come.

If you have ever dabbled in photography, then you know what it means to “chase light”.  There is even an Instagram hashtag dedicated to it – which totally makes it a legit thing, of course.  Last month, I spent a lot of time doing that as the skies in Upstate New York turned from a golden fall hue to a blah winter grey.  In fact, I actually shot what I had originally intended this post to be, in early December – but my chicken looked bluish and dull and sad, so I just scrapped it – and all of my food photography projects really – to chase another kind of light instead.

One of my favorite authors/poets/Insta accounts – Tyler Knott Gregson – wrote this:  “Chase the light, whatever and wherever it may be for you.  Chase it.”  It’s so simple, but when I first read that well over a year ago, it resonated with me, and I’ve been thinking about it since.  For me, it means to follow the happy, essentially; do the things that not only keep you afloat, but fill you up too.  So, on this mini-blog reprieve, I’ve been doing exactly that.




City Guide to Charleston, South Carolina

I have been to Charleston, South Carolina three times now, and with each visit I fall more in love with The Holy City.  It lives up to its charming reputation; seeped in history and filled to the brim with beautiful details.  I am never not enamored with all of the colorful facades, flower-filled window boxes, and the Southern hospitality that the city itself seems to exude.

Below you’ll find my “hit list” of where to stay, eat, and shop, and some suggestions as to what else you can do while you are there.



In a New York Minute


At this time last week, I was in New York City, participating in a photo shoot with Marie Claire [Magazine].  I used to work in the same building where the shoot took place, but this was my first time visiting the onsite studio, or being in front of the camera in this capacity.  The experience was a mixed bag of awkward [as in, I was totally awkward] and unnerving, but incredibly fun too (I hope to be able to share more details with you next month – Stay tuned!).  The remainder of the two days I had in the city was spent running around with my Mom who so kindly accompanied me.  Whenever I go back to New York, I am conflicted on what to do and where to go; visit the tried-and-true landmarks, return to my old Upper East Side stomping grounds, or check out the latest and greatest in food and entertainment.  I think the thing I love most about the Big Apple is that it encompasses all of that for me – both familiar and new, at once.  While we managed to do a little bit of everything, it all seemed to go by in a flash – or as some would say, in a ‘New York Minute’.  Below are a few of my favorite quick snaps from our stay.

{Looking Up in Rockefeller Center and Down in Midtown}


{In Studio at the Hearst Tower}


{Subway Riding 101}


{Shack Burger – Always Worth the Wait}


{I took an accidental ceiling shot at Eataly while sipping on a Ginger Soda…}

{…amongst the provisions.}


{Glove Wall – J.Crew, Fifth Avenue}


{New York Public Library; Whizzing By}


{The Stylist in me could spend hours – and a small fortune – in ABC Carpet & Home…}

{…especially when looking at vintage glass.}


{Evening Sets in at the Waldorf Astoria}


{Draft Kombucha at Pure Food and Wine}


{Late-Night Cupcake Stop at Magnolia Bakery}


{Grand Central Station Looming Ahead}